Sigil Arcanum Tarot: A Symbolic Journey

Created by Sigil Arcanum LLC - Taylor Bell

A completely new way to explore the magical and philosophical symbolism at the heart of this classic divination technique.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Refine and Play Tarot deck on Kickstarter
about 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 09, 2021 at 06:44:13 PM

Hi folks, this is sort of an ad, but it's one I'm making just because I genuinely want this project to fund. It's called the Refine and Play Tarot Deck, and it's a really interesting combination between a 52 card poker deck and the 78 card Rider Waite artwork. In particular, all of the art is line art, and it's all only red and black. As a graphic designer, this kind of aesthetic really speaks to me.

I just backed the project, and I strongly encourage you to back it too if you are at all interested in cartomancy with playing cards, or using Tarot cards for poker or other card games.

This creator has several other decks, and some interesting Stretch Goals, and I do believe they will fund. Currently, there's 65 hours left of their campaign, just under 3 days, and they still have $2,000 more to go in order to hit their $18,000 goal. Please, show some love and help this project succeed!

That is all!

P.S. (This was not paid or solicited, I genuinely just want this to fund so I can get it...)


The Green Lion Podcast!
about 1 year ago – Wed, May 12, 2021 at 09:00:30 PM

Howdy everyone,

As if I wasn't busy enough.  I have finally launched my podcast, which is called The Green Lion Podcast, as of yesterday, May 11th. There are currently three episodes (about to be four or five in the next couple days, but then it's going to be biweekly for the foreseeable future). The show will drop on Saturdays when I start releasing it biweekly, starting Saturday, May 29th. By then it should be on Apple Podcasts (still waiting for approval), but currently it's available via RSS feed, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, and I believe Google Podcasts too.

Here's the RSS feed:

And here's a website for the podcast where you can browse each episode manually:

Green Lion devouring the Sun by the wonderful Eric Millar on Twitter: @outletpress

The Green Lion Podcast serves as a sort of audio journal for me as I continue learning about the esoteric, the occult, magic, the paranormal and Forteana, and much more. It will consist of interviews, monologues, roundtables, deep dive research projects, and much more!

The show is being hosted on, which is a newer podcast host, and they offer free hosting for small shows like mine. My show does not (and will not ever) have any ads - I respect podcaster's choice to use ads, especially when it comes to paying for the hosting, and time spent on the shows - but to me this is a labor of love. I may eventually set up a Patreon, but it will always remain free and ad-free.

Intro and Outro music is by the enigmatic Horse Xaba on Soundcloud. His music is really awesome, and I felt that this track (called Grey Skies) really matched the vibe I was going for.

I'm very eager for feedback, so if you give it a listen, please let me know what you think - how I can improve, ideas for topics to cover, people I should talk to, etc.

Thank you for your time,


over 1 year ago – Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 01:06:35 AM

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that tomorrow afternoon from 1pm - 2pm Central I am hosting a free talk about the Sigil Arcanum tarot. This presentation will be streamed online, and again, it is free! To sign up and get the link to watch online, go to

I'm very excited, it should be a fun time. Sounds like we've already got over a dozen folks attending, so it will be a great opportunity to ask questions and chat about the cards and their symbols. Afterwards, I am giving Tarot readings at Magus until about 6pm. Unfortunately I can only do this in person right now, but at some point in the near future I hope to be able to offer online readings as well!

For those of you interested in learning about sigils, from how to make them to how you can use them in your own practice, I am hosting a comprehensive 4-week course in June called The Art of Sigil Craft. Here's a bit of a teaser image:

This class will be in 4 parts, taking place every Saturday in June, it's being offered a la cart for $15 per class, or for $50 for the whole course (saving you $10):

Week 1: Variations on a Theme (Saturday, June 5th, 1pm - 2pm)

A History of Sigils and their varieties, from Cuneiform to Hieroglyphics, and into the magical practices beyond. We will explore the origins of different types of characters, symbols, signs, and sigils throughout time, and we'll discuss the context in which we use these ideas in our everyday lives.

Week 2: The Art of Sigil Craft (Saturday, June 12th, 1pm - 2pm)

Learn the fundamentals of creating sigils of any kind, learn the ins and outs of how you can imbue these symbols with meanings, and find out techniques and tips for helping to simplify your sigils, or tailor them to your specific needs.

Week 3: Sigil Magic Basics (Saturday, June 19th, 1pm - 2pm)

In this class, we will discuss the basics of how you can use sigils in your magical practice. This will cover some common approaches to activating sigils, as well as how to identify the methods that will work best for you.

Week 4: Advanced Sigil Magic (Saturday, June 26th, 1pm - 2pm)

Learn how you can incorporate sigils into your life in more discrete ways, pick up ideas and concepts for turning your Sigil Craft into an active pursuit, and learn about how to encipher complex information with Sigils. Plus, discover how you can combine various forms of sigils to create unique composite sigils, and even learn to hide your sigils within art or creative projects.

In-store seats are limited right now to 12 I believe, but online there is no limit.

Let's try that again - Deconstructing the Sigil Arcanum Tarot Free Event - April 18th at 1pm Central
over 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 07, 2021 at 08:47:01 AM

Hey everyone,

I held a free event in March talking about the Sigil Arcanum, a couple people were able to attend, but obviously I dropped the ball on letting people know about it. So we've decided to do it again! I am still waiting to hear back about the recording of the first one, but I feel that this one will be even better, since I now know how to present the material in this format, within an hour.

The class will be held April 18th at Magus Books in North-East Minneapolis. If you're in town, feel free to sign up and stop in for the class in-person. If you can't make it in, or you're anywhere else in the world, feel free to sign up anyway as the class will be hosted online via GoToMeeting through the store.

The event is free, and we can have as many people as possible on the online version. In store is limited to 13 people for now, but please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

This free class is an hour long, and will cover the symbols in the deck, their history, how you can use them, and ideas for utilizing the deck.

If you can make it, please do sign up and join us for the fun! If you have any questions, drop a line below or message me here privately.


Free Class - Deconstructing the Sigil Arcanum Tarot
over 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 03:42:12 PM

Hey folks,

I apologize that this is last minute, I forgot to reach out. I am hosting a free class / event through Magus Books online and in person. So if you're not busy from 1:10pm to 2pm central (in the next 25 minutes... sorry) then sign up on the website (It's free) and join us for this presentation about the deck!

I am hoping to run this class again in the future if it goes well.

Thank you!