Sigil Arcanum Tarot: A Symbolic Journey

Created by Sigil Arcanum LLC - Taylor Bell

A completely new way to explore the magical and philosophical symbolism at the heart of this classic divination technique.

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The Journey So Far (Day 6)
over 3 years ago – Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 11:47:28 PM

Today I'd like to talk about one of my favorite cards in the deck, one that has been on my mind all day for a variety of reasons: Art, or Temperance, the Fourteenth Major. This card is all about the combination of opposites and the harmonizing of cooperative forces. In this case, Fire and Water are poured into one another, to take part in each other's essence, and to find balance.

I see this card as the process of alchemy itself, the great dialectic between ideas as Art unfolds in our lives. The symbol at the center of the card is the Circled Square, which has been used to represent the Philosopher's Stone or the Magnum Opus (the Great Work). This symbol is reflected in the Sigils for the Fool and the World / Universe as well.

Temperance is Sagittarius in the wheel, and hence this is its ATU in the top right corner: The hunter, hitting their mark.

In other news, Kickstarter has chosen this deck as one of their "Projects We Love", and I am feeling all kinds of humbled right now. Thank you all for your continued support, we are now well past 100 people, and growing strong! Remember, sharing the project with people who are interested in Tarot is the best way to get the word out there and help this project succeed. Thank you so much for your help, each and every one of you.


To the First 99 Backers
over 3 years ago – Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 02:39:52 AM

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The Journey So Far (Day 5)
over 3 years ago – Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 04:18:07 PM

Hello once more! There were a few questions raised yesterday regarding how to select which type of deck you'd like, among other things. I have updated the campaign page with some more info about that process, as well as the update the other day about BackerKit (which will happen AFTER the project funds, so do not fret!)

Once again it is time for a featured card! Today I've decided to go with the 2 of Disks because I realized I haven't showcased any minors on here yet. (Pardon the shadow of my phone, not at the studio today so I don't have all the fancy equipment).

2 of Disks
2 of Disks

Ever-present, back and forth, Change takes us all by storm once in a while. What has gone up must come back down, and of course the reverse is also true. The expansive and graceful spirit of Jupiter works in stride with Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), to allow this revolution and flow, much like the Tenth Major: The Wheel of Fortune. Change can be disorienting, but at least it’s never boring. Keep your eye on the opportunities that arise.

The Journey So Far (Day 4)
over 3 years ago – Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 03:23:36 PM

Greetings once again, today we're going to be talking about The Lovers! This is the sixth Major Arcana card, and it represents the combination of opposing forces. This could be the coming together of two soul mates, or the mixing of alchemical substances. It could mean the forces of teamwork through dissonance, or it could mean the creation of an Artistic idea through juxtaposition. The Lovers is a powerful card that marks the first step away from the individuals of the Tarot (The Fool, Magician, Priestess, Empress, Emperor, and Hierophant). In a way it is the closing of one chapter and the opening of another, one far from isolation and fueled by Love.

VI - The Lovers - Gemini
VI - The Lovers - Gemini

The symbols on the card are fairly straightforward: A Heart, because the original version of the card needed some more love, some more feeling; and the glyph of Gemini expounded into the interplay of Venus and Mars. These two planets are often seen as opposites, though in truth they each share more of each other than they might like to admit. Venus is loving and nurturing, but as we saw yesterday she can also be fierce and violent when she needs to be. Mars is known as the warrior, strong and brazen, but he can be gentle and compassionate. Both of these planets rest on opposite sides of the Tree of Life, with the Sun - Supreme balance - directly between them.

The Journey So Far (Day 3)
over 3 years ago – Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 03:09:28 PM

Good morning once again! And wow! I'm so amazed at all the support that has just been pouring in since we launched this whole endeavor. I know that 25K seems like a high goal, but I'm confident that we can do it together! The number one thing that you -- yes, you -- can do to help out is to share this project with everyone you know. Friends, coworkers, family, worst enemies, just getting the word out there is the most important thing possible.

Now onto the card for today! Yesterday it occurred to me entirely too late that I should have posted Venus (The Empress) because yesterday was her day (Friday). Well I'm here to remedy that right now! Without further ado, the Empress card in Blackout and Color:

Venus / Empress
Venus / Empress

The energies of Venus are complex, and one might even say full-bodied. She is fierce, confident, and loving. She can care for your wounds and even mend a broken heart, but she can also vanquish her enemies with a single glance.

The centerpiece of this card is indeed the glyph of Venus (As is it's house), but you'll notice a horizontal bar in the middle of the circle: this is to represent Salt, the second alchemical element. Mercury is the first, Sulphur is the last, and Salt rests in the center.

The Moon is also a key figure in the Empress, though not as heavily as the High Priestess. To me, these energies are very subconscious and contemplative.